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Audi, the German car manufacturer of a range of luxury cars has been in business since the early 1910 and currently demands a major share of the luxury cars business worldwide. Ever since its inception, Audi has created stunning world class cars that can be compared to none and are known for its sheer power and matchless features. The cars that are produced by the subsidiary of the world famous Volkswagen car manufacturer are a symbol of luxury and can only be found in the homes of the rich and famous. It is indeed everyone’s dream to own an Audi and to own one, it takes a whale of fortune.

Audi cars come with a load of features that provide you with all the richness and comfort that you would expect from a luxury car and the car’s engines and other parts are designed by the best of brains in the industry that devote a lot of time and attention to make sure the car is flawless in its performance and delivers a journey of satisfaction and pleasure. Audi’s parts are designed to withstand the test of time and roughness, since they are the result of years of research and testing. The Audi driveshaft is an important component of the car that shifts the torque, or rotational energy, from the engine to the drive axles. The vehicle drive axles in turn then use that torque to power the wheels and push the vehicle forward. Though the design of the Audi drive shaft may seem to be relatively simple, it in fact serves an all important and key role in the day to day operation of your vehicle. The very basics of the Audi car revolve around the proper functioning of the Audi driveshaft, without which the smooth movement will be highly restricted.

The Audi driveshaft commonly includes a sliding or telescopic joint that helps in adding flexibility and is held in place by a number of joints that are called the universal joints. These universal joints are designed in such a way as to allow a certain level of movement that gives it the necessary flexibility to hold up to the motion of the vehicle suspension. The design of the Audi drive shaft is created in such a way that it reduces drive train noise and vibration and allows for smooth acceleration. A high quality drive shaft manufacturing process is applied to eliminate any metal fatigue and vibration that may occur. Due to the tremendous amount of engine torque, the drive shaft has to be of the highest quality. 

If you own an Audi and are experiencing a vibration throughout the vehicle mostly at 40 to 60 mph or hear a high pitch noise coming from under the car mostly from the center of the drive shaft area, then you may have a drive shaft problem. Replacement drive shaft are available and all you have to do is to make sure it is of high quality and comes from a reputed manufacturer where quality driveshaft parts such as U joints and CV joints are used and driveshaft balancing is performed on the finished product. Always look for a reputable company that gives you a solid warranty on the items sold.

Correct installation of the drive shaft is essential and special tooling are used in some instances to produce the perfect results, choose a professional Audi repair facility to install the part for you and eliminate future problems and unnecessary expense.

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Audi Driveshaft

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Audi Driveshaft

This article was published on 2011/09/07