Audi Quatrro – Notable Vehicle For Road Driving And Rally Racing

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Audi continues to make a name in the market by being a part of the widely known VW Group. One of the cars that gave them additional popularity is the Audi Quatrro which was produced in 1980 up to 1991.

Audi Quatrro is known to be a rally and road car. Rally car is a vehicle used for rally racing which is also popular throughout the world. This type of racing is done on roads using cars that are licensed for road use. Knowing its ability to run on these events allow people to understand its capability for daily regular driving.

Why does it use the name Quattro? It promotes four-wheel drive options designed by Audi. In order to prevent people from being confused in checking this vehicle, Audi also introduced it as Ur-Quattro. This makes it as the original Quattro in comparison to the new releases that may have this trademark system.

Car enthusiasts, espeiclaly those who are into rally racing, were impressed with Audi Quatrro because of its features. Audi designed this vehicle to meet the standards and regulations set before for rally racing. Even if it is just road racing, specific regulations in terms of the car functionalities have been set to give people a good racing experience and even road safety.

Audi released different types of engines for specific production years. During 1980-1987, Audi Quatrro is available in 2.1L SOHC 10v engines. This car comes in 2.2L engine option in 1987 to 1989. In 1989 up to 1991, Audi Quatrro is available in Double Overhead Camshaft or DOHC 2.2L 20v engine option.

But aside from the typical Audi Quatrro produced during these years, Audi also released its A1 and A2 evolutions used for motorsports. Typically, these evolutions are designed to match the pressure caused by speed and racing environment. However, Audi did not stop to produce motorsport cars as they update this version in producing Sport Quattro. It was introduced around 1984 and was also made available in other series like S1 Quattro.

Also known as S1 or S1 Quattro, these evolutions was produced in 1985 up to 1986. It is available in 2110 cc turbo engine and 6-speed manual transmission. S1 utilizes a 2-door coupe body style that will match the needs of motorsport enthusiasts during this year. Its layout is longitudinal four-wheel drive with engine located in front of the vehicle. Although this series’ production was halted in the market, many people still find it to be an ideal car for rally racing including famed racer Michele Mouton and Walter Rohrl. These notable racers are able to set their own time records using Audi S1 Quatrro during the 1980s with Rohrl setting it in 1987 using one of the S1 remnants in the factory.

Overall, Audi Quatrro became a notable vehicle not only for daily use but also for motorsports like rally racing. Although they’re not active in the market today, a lot of motorsports enthusiasts still find them to be the top choice due to its features.

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Audi Quatrro – Notable Vehicle For Road Driving And Rally Racing

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Audi Quatrro – Notable Vehicle For Road Driving And Rally Racing

This article was published on 2011/09/15