History of the Audi A2

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History of the Audi A2

The German car manufacturer Audi first released the A2 model in 1999 as a compact style MPV as a five door four or five seat hatchback. The A2 was sold from 1999 through 2005 and was originally based on the Audi AI2 concept vehicle that was first shown at the Frankfurt motor show in 1997. The A2 was noteworthy as it was built from aluminium. Being built from aluminium, the A2 required a special production line which was purpose built in Audi's Neckarsulm plant.

Since the A2 was aluminium, the A2 was the first five door vehicle that was capable of an average fuel consumption of less than three litres per one hundred kilometres. These fuel figures only applied to the 3L version which was equipped with a diesel engine, automatic gearbox, less power and narrow tyres. Due to the aluminium construction the A2 has an average weight of about one thousand kilograms. The weight of the vehicle is astonishingly light considering the entire shell is light enough for two people to easily pick up if needed.

The Audi A2 still uses a typical anybody construction dubbed as an Audi space frame design. The outer panels have little or no structural function at all as the space frame bears all the forces working on the vehicle. The frame itself is a combination of cast parts and extruded elements laser welded together to compose a solid foundation to build on. Sadly the cost of producing a vehicle from aluminium means the A2 is basically overpriced for its sector in the automotive environment. Competing against similar models such as the Mercedes A class meant the A2 does not offer the highest return of investment and this is reflected in the sales figures as the Mercedes A class continually outsells the A2 at a rate of approximately four to one.

Since the A2 is a 5 door Hatch, the interior has been crafted to offer substantial room for comfort and storage options. Audi pioneered many interior ideas and worked them into the A2, included in this list would be the space floor storage system, this is basically a box that slots in the rear passenger foot well, a double false floor in the boot where items could be hidden out of the line of sight of thieves. The rear seats can be removed in a matter of seconds and the head rests do not have to be removed in order to fold them.

When Audi ceased production of the A2 there was no immediate direct replacement in their line-up. It was not until 2010 when Audi released the A1 that the company re entered the mini MPV sector again. There are rumours circulating now about the re release of the model A2 with a prediction of 2010 for the mainline production. Many of the rumours hint at the new version being released as an electric vehicle with a steel frame rather than the aluminium of the past. We will have to wait and see what becomes of the rumours in the future.

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History of the Audi A2

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This article was published on 2011/05/16