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1 Th-Nov-2011: Skoda Rapid Skoda's new sedan has decided that India will come to a close on November 16, 2011.

If you do not buy that he thought the turn-way other Skoda India has finally announced the release date of rapid Skoda in the middle of November 2011.

The new fast car that inherits the DNA of VW Vento will be the venue to publicize their guidelines.

However, the Skoda Rapid price is likely to slide down a little less than Volkswagen Vento.

Skoda badge also and fascia a little different-looking Fabia are the factors that make a distinction Vento's sister.

Skoda India is likely to benefit substantially from the low costs of production and the quick actions of the platform with the Vento and therefore most of the components are shared between Skoda and its parent company Volkswagen.

Both petrol and diesel versions will be released with Skoda fast and this factor can be increased to the sale of Skoda. He said all eyes are on the launch, the countdown has begun for that Skoda's fingers crossed

Convertibles are a type of car in which the roof is retracted and folded, making it a closed space of a vehicle outdoors.

The ceilings are fixed to the vehicle body and are usually not removable, but the roof is hinged and folds, either in a hollow behind the rear seats or in the boot or trunk of the vehicle.

The roof can be operated either manually or automatically through hydraulic or electric actuators, and the roof can be a hard or soft material. Convertibles are becoming very popular in India with many luxury brands to bring their convertible models to India.

Before it was officially launched, the Porsche Boxster was spied during testing in Germany.

All body panels and the canvas roof are new. The Porsche Boxster is a completely new car is scheduled to be released in the upcoming Geneva Motor Motors.

The company has not given details of the options this car engine extraordinarily beautiful.

One of the greatest players of India in the luxury car segment, Audi has been remoured to start a work of art called the Audi A1 at the end of 2011.

Audi A1 is said to be one of the best available premium supermini cars in the world, and industry experts have given a better grade than the MINI Cooper. The vehicle already has a very positive reply in markets that had begun.

Although the smallest in its class, however, Audi has done with style, elegant and well priced, making it obviously higher on the charts. The elegant interior, superb craftsmanship and fine tuning that makes it

Patterns and colors of Audi A1

Although information on the alternatives that comes from the brand new Audi A1 in India has not been officially released, however, if we trust air market, which will be, first of all that comes with the version of gasoline and diesel later, and both are expected out four different options, of engine capacity.

The new Audi A1 colors that can come with in the Indian market are Cumulus blue, blue dial, white Amalfi, Scuba Blue, Ice Silver, Misano Red, Teak Brown, glossy black, black and red Shiraz Phantom last but not least, while the exterior body parts such as mirrors and body colored bumpers will.

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India 2011 New Upcoming Car

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