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Audi Navigation is used worldwide in most Audi cars. More Audi A3 drivers like to break from the original mold with an Audi A3 DVD or other Car GPS Navigation. They are in desire of getting a great replacement for the ancient original factory audio system. Audi A3 was such a success that it has won several awards over the years, and Audi A3 DVD bloomed to meet this trend. The reason why so many people choose Audi Navigation as the first option for Car GPS Navigation is that perhaps one of Audis most famous cars is the Audi A series. Renowned for its classy style and appearance, Audi appealed to the upper class with this luxurious model. Impelled by the hot sale of Audi A series, Audi navigation enjoyed a new selling blast these years.
Audi has been producing the entry-level luxury automobile Audi A3 since the year 1996. To date, there are two generations of Audi A3 cars. Both of them are based on Volkswagens A Platform. They share this with a lot of different models, including the Audi TT, SEAT Leon, Volkswagen Golf, Skoda Octavia, Caddy, and Touran. The Audi A3 was first introduced in to the European market in the year 1996. This marked Audis return to the lower market segments an area that they had not penetrated since the Audi 50 met its demise. The Audi A3 was only available at first with a three door hatchback body. This was done to present the car with a sportier image than the Golf. The Audi A3 was the second car in the Audi range to utilize five valves per cylinder; the first was the Audi A4. The Audi A3 is no longer sold in Europe, but continues to be popular in developing countries around the world. In the year 2004, the Audi A3 was featured in the video game Need for Speed: Underground 2. The car has also been featured in the movie Transporter 2, wherein the lead actress Amber Valetta drove it.
Car GPS Navigation utilizes multiple sensor to get you pinpoint directions; not only it relies on a sensitive GPS receiver, but it also uses a 3D menu as well as your cars speed sensor. This will definitely be of great use in tunnels or big cities where most buildings are high rise and block clear view of the sky. Other features of Car GPS Navigation are traffic message channel compatibility, 1.5 million points of interest, and a dual-zone entertainment and communications system which lets the passengers in the back enjoy a DVD while you use it for navigation in the front. Car GPS Navigation for Audi is now available in many online stores, to equip your Audi cars with latest Audi navigation. Purchasing Audi A3 DVD online, people don't need to go out shopping for auto parts, no need to drive your car to a shop or shops, no queues, no waiting, no refueling, or so many things that can tire you unnecessarily. Just hop on in front of your system and you've reached the market. There's an abundance of suppliers offering millions of Audi navigation. Hence the chances of your finding exactly what you're looking for and of the quality you desire, are much higher.
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Views on Audi TT and Latest Audi Navigation

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Views On Audi Tt And Latest Audi Navigation

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This article was published on 2010/12/18